Bello Panini

Bello Panini is an Italian chef in ChefVille. He gives goals to the player with much of the tasks requires cooking dishes on different cooking stations and also requires the players to visit or get help from his/her facebook friends.

After the player unlocked the Soup Station; Chef Bello will give out soup dishes-related goals which ironically are nearly related to the tasks on Colby's goals (for example, one of the task in both Chef Bello and Colby's goals needed the player to cook the Classic Tomato Soup). Much later in the game; Chef Bello will randomly or temporary be absent from the game after Rock first appear to the player's restaurant or other unknown reasons (varies to every players' gameplay).

For ChefVille's first Thanksgiving event; Chef Bello was the first character who gave out his Thanksgiving goals which if completed; will unlocked the other characters' goals. He is the second character to have a different appearance for this event.


  • In A Date with Fate!, it is reveled that Chef Bello has an adult niece (assuming she isn't a young child as she was the one signed up her uncle to a "speed date").

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