It's your one stop dairy shop!

The Dairy Depot is an expansion in ChefVille. It is located at Tile H-7 on the Game Board.


Unlocking the Dairy Depot requires the player to have Mastery 5 Mastery Stars and spend Coin 150 coins. It is one of the expansions adjacent to the initial game space, allowing it to be unlocked without previously unlocking other areas.


The Dairy Depot contains two harvestables and 25 floor tiles:

Harvestable-Milk Truck wrapped Harvestable-Flour Sack Floor-Concrete Tile Floor-Sidewalk Tile
Milk Truck,
wrapped with a bow
Flour Sack,
ready to use
12 x Concrete Tile 13 x Sidewalk Tile

Adjacent AreasEdit

NW:Sweet Street
NE:Open Field
SE:Hot Spot
SW:Initial Game Space