Greens, greens, and more greens!

The Greens Market is an expansion in ChefVille. It is located at Tile I-5 on the Game Board.


Unlocking the Greens Market requires the player to have Mastery 12 Mastery Stars, pay Icon-Recommendation 10 Recommendations, and spend Coin 600 coins. It is one of the expansions adjacent to the initial game space, allowing it to be unlocked without previously unlocking other areas.


The Greens Market contains three harvestables, three decorations, and six floor tiles:

Harvestable-Broccoli Stall wrapped Harvestable-Lettuce Stand Harvestable-Daisy
Broccoli Stall,
wrapped with a bow
Lettuce Stand,
ready to use
Decoration-Dark Bush Decoration-Cluster Stone Decoration-Small Wild Grass Patch Floor-Dirt Path
Dark Bush Cluster Stone Small Wild Grass Patch 6 x Dirt Path

Adjacent AreasEdit

NW:Farmer's Market
NE:Initial Game Space
SE:Romance Pond
SW:Citrus Patch