Raw IngredientsEdit

Ingredient Inventory
Source # Required Cash Price
30px Acai Berry Trade
30px Acorn Squash Acorn Squash Crate (250 Gold)
30px Active Dry Yeast Active Dry Yeast stall
Active Dry Yeast Crate
Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Aeromatic Arugula Aeromatic Arugula 15 Arugula Crate
30px All Purpose Flour All Purpose Flour Stall
All Purpose Flour Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Allspice Allspice 8 Friends
30px Almond Meal 15 Almond Meal Bin
Almond Meal Crate
30px Andouille Sausage 15 Andouille Sausage Freezer
Ingredient-Anise Anise 8 Friends
Ingredient-Apple Apple 9 Apple Tree
Tomato Bicycle Trader (7 Tomatoes)
75 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Apple Rind Apple Wagon Trader
Ingredient-Apricot Apricot
30px Arborio Rice 15 Arborio Rice Crop Consumable-Cash 6
30px Arugula 15 Arugula Plant
Arugula Crate
Ingredient-Asparagus Asparagus 9 Asparagus Stall 115 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Assorted Candy Post
Ingredient-Avocado Avocado 9 Avocado Tree
Grape Seed Crate (250 Gold)
41 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Bacon Bacon Bouquet (50 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Baking Chocolate Post
30px Baking Powder 15 Baking Powder Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Baking Soda 15 Baking Soda Crate (500 Gold)
30px Balsamic Vinegar Balsamic Vinegar Crate
Balsamic Vinegar Stand
Onion Wagon Trader
30px Banana 15 Banana Hook
Banana Crate (200 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Basil Basil 9 Basil Plant 139 Consumable-Cash 3
Ingredient-Basmati Rice Basmati Rice 15 Basmati Rice Crate (200 Gold)
Ingredient-Bay Leaf Bay Leaf 15 Bay Laurel Tree
Ingredient-BBQ Sauce BBQ Sauce Spring Sports Cooler
30px Beef Apple Wagon Trader
30px Beef Spare Rib 15
30px Beets
30px Bergamot Rustic Bergomot Planter (100 Gold)
30px Bilberry 30 Trade
30px Black Bean 15 Black Bean Crate (200 Gold)
Ingredient-Black Cherry Black Cherry 15 Black Cherry Crate
Ingredient-Black Truffle Black Truffle 90 Truffle Pig Consumable-Cash 10
Ingredient-Bleu Cheese Bleu Cheese 15 Bleu Cheese Stand
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Blood Orange 9 Blood Orange Crate
30px Blue Cheese 15 Blue Cheese Crate (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Blue Crab Blue Crab
Ingredient-Blueberry Blueberry 15 Blueberry (20 Hearts / Refresh)
Tons o'Berries
Ingredient-Bonito Flakes Bonito Flakes Post
30px Bottle Gourd Bottle Gourd Crate (250 Gold)
30px Brazilian Beef Beef Steak Freezer Consumable-Cash 7
30px Bread Bowls 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
30px Bread Crumbs Post
30px Bread Flour Bread Flour Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Brisket Brisket 15 Brisket Chill Chest Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Broccoli Broccoli 18 Broccoli Stall 246 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Brown Eggs Country Basket
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Brown Sugar Brown Sugar 15 Sugar Shelf
Brown Sugar Crate (250 Gold)
30px Brussel Sprouts [[ ]] ( Gold)
30px Bulls Blood Beet Bulls Blood Beets Crate (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Butternut Squash Butternut Squash Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Butterscotch 9 Butterscotch Crate
30px Cajun Sassafras Leaves Cajun Smothering Basket
Cajun Sassafras Plant (2 Cash)
30px California Orange California Orange Tree (100 Gold)
30px Candy Corn 9 Candy Corn Crate (250 Gold)
30px Canola Oil Canola Oil Crate (250 Gold)
30px Capers Cavendish Loses Statue
Emerald Statue (50 Cash)
Capers Crop (3 Capers for 4 Cash)
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Caramel 9 Caramel Crate
Ingredient-Cardamom Cardamom 8 Friends
Ingredient-Carne Asada Carne Asada 10 Specialty Meat Stand
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Carrot Carrot 9 Carrot Bushel
Turkey Wagon Trader
101 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Cashew Nut 15 Nut Dispenser
30px Caster Sugar 15 Sugar Jar Stand
Ingredient-Catfish Catfish 15 Catfish Stand
30px Cauliflower 15 Cauliflower Crate Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Cayenne Cayenne 8 Cayenne Pepper Pot (500 Gold)
30px Celery Bunch Post
Ingredient-Chaat Filling Chaat Filling Samosa Fillings Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Chamomile 9 Chamomile Crate (200 Gold)
30px Chantilly Cream Post
Ingredient-Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese 15 Cheese Cellar
481 Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Cherished Cherry Cherished Cherry 15
Ingredient-Cherry Cherry 15 Cherry Tree
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Cherry Tomato 20
30px Chestnut Chestnut Shrub
Chestnut Crop (2 Cash)
Chestnut Crate (250 Gold)
30px Chestnut Flour Broccoli Bicycle Trader
30px Chickpea 15 Morocan Basket
Chickpea Plant (2 Cash)
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Chili Powder Chili Powder Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Chives 20 Chives Stand
30px Chocolate Berries Gelato Chocolate Fountain
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Chocolate Chip 9 Chocolate Chip Shelf
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Chocolate Powder Chocolate Powder 99 Chocolate Powder Sack
Various Coffee Crates in the Coffee Bar (Expansion) square
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Chocolate Spread post
Ingredient-Chorizo Chorizo 10
Ingredient-Chuck Beef Chuck Beef 15 Butcher's Kiosk
30px Churros Post
30px Cilantro 15 Cilantro Crate Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Cinnamon Cinnamon 8 Cinnamon Basket
Cinnamon Bag
Onion Wagon Trader
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Cinnamon Sugar Mix Ask Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Clams Clams
Ingredient-Cloves Cloves 8 Clove Tree (200 Gold)
30px Cocoa Beans 15 Cocoa Plant
Consumable-Cash 15
30px Coconut 15 Coconut Crate (150 Gold)
Ingredient-Coconut Milk Coconut Milk 15 Coconut Milk Stand Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Cod Cod
30px Coffee Bean 15 Coffee Bush
30px Collard Green 9 Collard Greens Bush
30px Conchigli Conchiglies Pasta Basket (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Concord Grapes Concord Grape Vine (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Concorde Grapes 15 Concorde Grape Crop
1-Minute Concorde Grape Crop (1 Cash)
30px Condensed Milk Condensed Milk Crate (500 Gold) Consumable-Cash 15
30px Confectioner's Sugar 15 Confectioner's Sugar Bin
30px Cookie Bites Cookie Bouquet (50 Gold)
30px Cooking Wine Cooking Wine Crate (30 Gold)
Ingredient-Corn Corn 9 Grainary
Corn Crate (200 Gold)
368 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Corn Flour 15 Corn Flour Sack
Corn Flour Crate (250 Gold)
30px Corn Syrup Corn Syrup Crate (250 Gold)
30px Cornish Game Hen 15 Post
Ingredient-Cornmeal Cornmeal 9 Cornmeal Crate (500 Gold) Consumable-Cash 4
30px Couscous 15 Morocan Basket Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Crab Claw Crab Claw Spring Sports Cooler
Ingredient-Cranberry Cranberry 15 Cranberry Bush
Cranberry Stand
Cranberry Crates
Apple Wagon Trader
233 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Crayfish Boil Seasoning Cajun Smothering Basket
Cajun Smothering Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Cream Cheese 15 Cream Cheese Shelf Consumable-Cash 6
30px Crepe Batter Crepe Batter Fridge
30px Crushed Red Pepper Crushed Red Pepper Crate (30 Gold)
Ingredient-Cucumber Cucumber 15 Cucmber Trellis
Ingredient-Cumin Cumin 8 Corriander, Cumin, Tumeric Garden
30px Dandelion 15 Rustic Dandelion Planter (100 Gold)
30px Dark Rouxes Cajun Smothering Basket
Cajun Smothering Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Decorative Icing 15 Post Consumable-Cash 7
30px Dill 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Dough Dough Spring Sports Cooler
30px Dragonfruits Consumable-Cash 15
Ingredient-Dried Chili Dried Chili 15 Chili Ristra
Ingredient-Duck Duck 15 Duck Freezer
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Dumpling Skin post
30px Dutch Chocolates Post
Ingredient-Egg Egg 15 Chicken Coop/Egg Freezer
Egg Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Eggplant Eggplant Eggplant Planter
Ingredient-Escargot Escargot 9 Fine Foods Shop 33
Ingredient-Evaporated Milk Evaporated Milk Post
30px Farfalle Farfalles Pasta Basket (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Fennel 15 Fennel Stand
30px Flavored Syrup 15 Flavored Syrup Cooler
Flavored Syrup Crate
Ingredient-Flour Flour 9 Flour Sacks/Bin
Turkey Wagon Trader
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Fontina Cheese Fontina Cheese 15 Fontina Cheese Platter
Upgraded Cheese Cellar
21 Consumable-Cash 8
Ingredient-Free Range Chicken Free Range Chicken 15 Poultry Butcher
Grape Seed Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Free Range Turkey Free Range Turkey 9 Turkey Freezer Consumable-Cash 3
30px French Radish Rustic French Radish Planter (100 Gold)
Ingredient-Fresh Squid Fresh Squid
30px Gala Apple Country Basket Consumable-Cash 5
30px Garbanzo Bean 15 Garbanzo Bean Crate
Ingredient-Garlic Garlic 15 Garlic Stall
Vegetable Garden
Recycled Vegetable Garden
30px Georgia Peach Georgia Peach Tree (100 Gold)
Ingredient-Giant Salmon Giant Salmon 9 The Moon Pond
Ingredient-Giant Tuna Giant Tuna 9 The Moon Pond
30px Gigli Gigli Pasta Basket (100 Gold)
Ingredient-Ginger Ginger 15 Ginger Crate (200 Gold)
Holiday Ginger Crate (300 Gold)
Apple Wagon Trader
Stack of Presents
30px Goat Cheese Post
30px Gold Leaf 15 Gold Leaves Crate
30px Golden Grain Herb 17 Olive Oil Cask
Golden Grain Herb Crop
Consumable-Cash 4
30px Golden Raisin 15 Golden Raisin Stall
Golden Raisin Crate (250 Gold)
30px Goose Goose Crate (250 Gold)
30px Goose Goose Crate (250 Gold)
30px Gourmet Chicken 15 Portable Coop Consumable-Cash 5
30px Gourmet Tomato 15 Gourmet Tomato Garden
30px Gourmet Turkey 15 Portable Coop Consumable-Cash 5
30px Graham Cracker 15 Graham Cracker Boxes
Graham Cracker Crate (250 Gold)
30px Grape Seed Grape Seed Stand
Grape Seed Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Grapefruit Grapefruit 15 Grapefruit Stand
Cool Grapefruit Stand
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Gravy Gravy Gravy Fountain
Ingredient-Green Bean Green Bean 9 Green Bean Barrel 72 Consumable-Cash 6
30px Green Bell Pepper 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
30px Green Olive Oil Green Olive Oil Crate (500 Gold)
30px Green Onion 20 Green Onion Stall Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Green Peas Filling Green Peas Filling Samosa Fillings Crate
Consumable-Cash 4
30px Green Tea Bag 9 Green Tea Bag Crate
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Green Wasabi Post Consumable-Cash 5
30px Ground Cinnamon Cinnamon Stall
Cinnamon Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Gruyere Cheese Gruyere Cheese 15 Upgraded Cheese Cellar 124 Consumable-Cash 2
30px Guajillo Pepper 20 Guajillo Pepper Plant
Guajillo Pepper Crate (500 Gold)
30px Guinea Fowl 15 Portable Coop Consumable-Cash 5
30px Gummy Worms Gummy Worms Crate
30px Haas Avocado
30px Habanero Pepper 15 Habanero Pepper Plant
30px Ham Ham Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Hazel Nut 15 Hazel Nut Bin
Ingredient-Heavy Cream Heavy Cream 9 Cream Fridge 3 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Herb Mix 15 Easter Bunny Crate Consumable-Cash 5
30px Hibiscus 15 Hibiscus Herb
Maple Tree
Ingredient-Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce Post
Ingredient-Honey Honey 15 Beehive Tree
Honey Crate
Super/Blueberry Trader
Vinesplatter/Howell Dwarf
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Honeydew Honeydew Crate (250 Gold)
30px Hop Asparagus Zucchini Bicycle Trader
30px Horseradish Post
Ingredient-Ice Cube Ice Cube 15 Ice Cooler
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Ice Pop 15 Ice Pop Freezer
30px Icing Post
30px Idaho Potato Idaho Potato Basket
Country Basket
Ingredient-Irish Potato Irish Potato 15 Irish Potato Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Italian Sausage 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
30px Italian Truffle 15 Italian Truffle Crate (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Japanese Eel Unagi Freezer
Ingredient-Jumbo Shrimp Jumbo Shrimp 9 Fishing Shack
Shrimp Crate
Seafood Tank
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Kale Kale Garden Goodies Crate
Consumable-Cash 8
30px Ketchup post
30px Kidney Bean 9 Case Wagon 59 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Kiwi
30px Kumquats
30px Lady Apple Post
Ingredient-Lamb Lamb 99 Lamb Crate (250 Gold)
30px Lavender 9 Potted Lavender Plant
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Leeks 15 Leek Stand
Easter Bunny Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Lemon Lemon 15 Lemon Tree
Lemon Crate
168 Consumable-Cash 6
30px Lemon Juice 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Lemongrass Lemongrass 15 Lemongrass & Thai Chili Garden
30px Lentils Lentil Crate (250 Gold)
30px Licorice Licorice Crate
30px Lima Bean 9 Lima Bean Stall 168 Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Lime Lime 9 Lime Tree
Lime Crate
64 Consumable-Cash 6
30px Lingonberry Trade
Ingredient-Long Grain Rice Long Grain Rice 9 Silo
30px Lycee Hawaiian Tiki Totem
Ingredient-Macadamia Nut Macadamia Nut 15 Macadamia Nut Crate
30px Magic Yarn 99 Magic Yarn Crop (3 Cash)
Ingredient-Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi Hawaiian Tiki Totem
Ingredient-Maine Lobster Maine Lobster 9 Lobster Nest Consumable-Cash 6
30px Malted Milk Powder 9 Malted Milk Bin
30px Manchego Cheese Stall
Ingredient-Mango Mango
Ingredient-Mango Mango Hawaiian Tiki Totem
Ingredient-Maple Syrup Maple Syrup 15 Maple Tree
30px Margarine 9 Margarine Shelf Consumable-Cash 6
30px Marshmallow 9 Marshmallow Tree Consumable-Cash 6
30px Marshmallow Hearts Marshmallow Hearts Bouquet (50 Gold)
30px Meringue Meringue Fridge
30px Meyer Lemons 9 Meyer Lemon Stand
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Milk Milk 15 Milk Truck
Dairy Market
California Dairy Fridge
various traders
1,238 Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Mint Mint 15 Mint Plant
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Mire Poixe Cajun Smothering Basket
Cajun Smothering Crate
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Mixed Candy 15 Mixed Candy Stand
Mixed Candy Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Mixed Greens Mixed Greens 9 Assorted Plants 958 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Mixed Herbs Easter Bunny Crate (100 Gold)
Chocolate Bunny]]
30px Molasses Post
30px Morel Mushroom
Ingredient-Mozzarella Mozzarella 9 Cheese Rack
Upgraded Cheese Cellar
Dairy Market
Samosa Filling Crate
232 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Mulberry 30 Trade
30px Muscadine Grape
30px Mussels 15 Mussel Rock
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Natchez Blackberry
30px Natural Rubber Romain Lettuce Stand
Romaine Lettuce Garden
Natural Rubber Crop (2 Cash)
Tomato Bicycle Trader (3 Tomatoes)
30px Navy Bean Post
30px Niagara Grape
Ingredient-Nutmeg Nutmeg 8 Friends
Ingredient-Oatmeal Oatmeal 15 Oatmeal Bin
30px Okra 15 Okra Stand
Ingredient-Olive Oil Olive Oil 15 Olive Oil Press
Olive Oil Cask
8 Consumable-Cash 3
Ingredient-Orange Orange 9 Orange Tree 132 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Orange Bell Pepper 15 Orange Bell Pepper Crate (100 Gold)
Statue of Rival You
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Orange Marmalade Post
30px Orange Marmalade
Ingredient-Oregano Oregano 15 Oregano Plant Consumable-Cash 6
30px Organic Olives Organic Olive Crop (50 Gold)
30px Oysters 18
30px Pancetta Pork Pancetta Pork Freezer
Ingredient-Paprika Paprika 8 Friends
Ingredient-Parmesan Cheese Parmesan Cheese 15 Cheese Press
Upgraded Cheese Cellar
86 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Parsley Parsley Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Parsnip Post Consumable-Cash 6
30px Passionfruit 9 Passionfruit Crate (200 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Pastel Sprinkle 15 Pastel Sprinkles Stand
Pastel Sprinkles Crate (250 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Peach Peach 15 Peach Stand
Peach Crate (200 Gold}
Consumable-Cash 5
Ingredient-Peanut Peanut 15 Peanut Sack
30px Peanut Butter 15 Peanut Butter Stand
30px Peanut Butter Chip 15 Peanut Butter Chip Shelf
30px Pear Pear Tree
Ingredient-Pecan Pecan 15 Nut Shelf
30px Pecan Butter Pecan Butter Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Pepper Pepper 20 Neighbors
Golden Crate
Consumable-Cash 8
30px Peppermint
30px Pigeon 15 Portable Coop Consumable-Cash 5
30px Pinata Stick Post Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Pineapple Pineapple 9 Pineapple Stall
30px Pink Peppercorn 15
30px Pinto Bean 15 Pinto Bean Stall
30px Plum 15 Plum Baskets Consumable-Cash 6
30px Poblano Pepper 15 Poblano Pepper Plant Consumable-Cash 7
30px Pomagranate 15 Pomagranate Crate (150 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Popcorn Kernal Popcorn Kernal Crate (250 Gold)
30px Pork Belly Pork Belly Freeer Consumable-Cash 7
30px Pork Steak 15 Pork Freezer Consumable-Cash 6
30px Porter Cheddar 15 Porter Cheddar Stall
Porter Cheddar Crate (250 Gold)
30px Powdered Sugar 15
Ingredient-Prepared Japanese Rice Prepared Japanese Rice 15 Prepared Japanese Rice Stand
30px Pretzel Sticks Post
Ingredient-Prime Rib Prime Rib 15 Prime Rib Shelf
30px Proscuitto Proscuitto Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Puff Pastry 15 Puff Pastry Crate
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Pumpkin Pumpkin 15 Pumpkin Plant
Pumpkin Hay Bale
285 Consumable-Cash 6
30px Purple Raspberries Purple Raspberry Crate
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Rack of Lamb Rack of Lamb 15
30px Radicchio 15 Radicchio Stand Consumable-Cash 7
30px Rainbow Carrot 15 Rainbow Carrot Garden
Rainbow Carrot Crop (2 Cash)
Consumable-Cash 5
30px Raisin 9 Raisin Shelf
30px Ras Al Hanout 15 Morocan Basket Consumable-Cash 5
30px Raw Kalbi Rib 15
30px Red Algae Red Algae Crop (2 Cash) Consumable-Cash 5
30px Red Anjou Pear Anjou Pear Crop (15 Gold)
1-Minute Anjou Pear Crop (3 Cash)
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Red Bean Red Bean 15 Red Bean Crate
30px Red Bell Pepper Red Bell Pepper Plant
30px Red Grape 15 Red Grape Vine
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Red Potato Post
30px Red Wood Plank Apple Wagon Trader
30px Red Wood Plank 99 Orange Tree
30px Rhubard 15 Rhubard Stand
Ingredient-Rice Flour Rice Flour 15 Rice Flour Rack
Ingredient-Rich Raspberry Rich Raspberry 15
Ingredient-Ricotta Cheese Ricotta Cheese 15 Ricotta Cheese Shelf
30px Roasted Garlic Mayo Garlic Mayo Station Consumable-Cash 15
Ingredient-Romaine Lettuce Romaine Lettuce 9 Lettuce Stand
Salad Bouquet
424 Consumable-Cash 3
30px Rotelle Rotelles Pasta Basket (100 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Russet Potato Russet Potato 9 Potato Truck
168 Consumable-Cash 20
30px Rutabega
Ingredient-Saffron Saffron 8 Saffron Crate
30px Sage Leaves
Ingredient-Salami Salami 9 Salami Shelf
Ingredient-Salmon Salmon 20 Pond
Salmon Crate (200 Gold)
Consumable-Cash 20
Ingredient-Salt Salt 20 Neighbor: visit, Christmas Tree
Golden Crate
Salt Crate
Salt Crystal
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Salted Pumpkin Puree Apple Wagon Trader
Ingredient-San Marzano Tomato San Marzano Tomato 15 Tomato Plant
30px Sassafras Leaves Cajun Smothering Basket
Cajun Smothering Crate
30px Savoy Cabbage 15 Savoy Cabbage Patch
Apple Wagon Trader
30px Scallion 15 Apple Tree
30px Scallop 15 Scallop Stand
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Scary Squash 15 Scarey Squash Crop (30 Gold)
Ingredient-Seaweed Seaweed 20 Moon Pond Consumable-Cash 2
Ingredient-Shishito Pepper Shishito Pepper 15 Cherry Blossom Tree
Ingredient-Short Grain Rice Short Grain Rice 15 Rice Paddy Planter Consumable-Cash 2
30px Shortening Post Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Sirloin Beef Sirloin Beef 20 Mom 'n Pop Shop
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Sliced Almond 15 Almond Dispenser Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey Turkey Wagon Trader
Ingredient-Snow Crab Snow Crab Grape Seed Crate (250 Gold)
30px Snowflake Water Cooler
Ingredient-Soba Noodle Soba Noodle Post
Ingredient-Soba Noodle Soba Noodle Post
30px Sour Cream Sour Cream Crate (200Gold)
30px Sourdough Bread post
30px Soured Milk Post
Ingredient-Soy Milk Soy Milk 15 Soy Milk Fridge
Ingredient-Spanish Rice Spanish Rice Post
30px Spiced Peanut Butter Ask Consumable-Cash 7
30px Spicy Cheddars Post Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Spinach Spinach Spinach Crate
30px Sprinkles 9 Sprinkles Jar Stand
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Stew Lamb Stew Lamb 15 Post
Ingredient-Sticky Rice Sticky Rice Sticky Rice Crate (250 Gold)
Ingredient-Strawberry Strawberry 15 Strawberry Garden
Strawberry Crate (200 Gold)
Onion Wagon Trader
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Sugar Sugar 15 Sweet Shop
Sugar Bin
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Sugar Cane Post
30px Sugar Drop 15 Sugar Drop Dispenser
30px Sugar Plum 15 Sugar Plums Crop
30px Sugar Syrup 15 Sugar Syrup Stand
Sugar Syrup Crate (250 Gold)
30px Sultanas 15 Morocan Basket Consumable-Cash 5
30px Sundried Tomato Sundried Tomatoes Crate (250 Gold) Consumable-Cash 6
30px Superfine Sugar 15 Superfine Sugar Crate (250 Gold)
Ingredient-Sweet Butter Sweet Butter 20 Butter Keeper
Dairy Market rare
Ingredient-Sweet Potato Sweet Potato 9 Sweet Potato Shelf
Apple Wagon Trader
Consumable-Cash 3
30px Swiss Chard Post
Ingredient-Swordfish Swordfish
30px Tangerine 9 Tangerine Shelf
Ingredient-Taro Root Taro Root
Ingredient-Tarragon Tarragon 15 Tarragon Plant
Ingredient-Thai Chili Thai Chili 15 Lemongrass & Thai Chili Garden
30px Thistle 15 Rustic Thistle Planter (100 Gold)
30px Toffeenut Toffeenut Stand
Ingredient-Tomato Tomato 20 Tomato Plant
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Tomato Puree Tomato Puree Crate (250 Gold)
Ingredient-Tomato Sauce Tomato Sauce 9 Tomato Sauce Stand Consumable-Cash 34
30px Tropical Ice Pops 9 Tropical Ice Pops Freezer
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Trout Trout
Ingredient-Truffle Truffle 15 Truffle Plant
30px Truffle Oil 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Tuna Tuna Tuna Boat
Seafood Tank
Ingredient-Turmeric Turmeric 8 Corriander, Cumin, Tumeric Garden
Spice Rack
Ingredient-Turnip Turnip
Ingredient-Unsalted Butter Unsalted Butter 9 Butter Churn
Dairy Market
Turkey Wagon Trader
105 Consumable-Cash 3
Ingredient-Vanilla Vanilla 15 Vanilla Rack
Vanilla Rack Stand
30px Vanilla Extract 15 Vanilla Extract Shelf Consumable-Cash 6
30px Vanilla Powder Turkey Wagon Trader
Ingredient-Vinegar Vinegar 9 Vinegar Stand
30px Wagyu Beef Tomato Bicycle Trader (5 Tomatoes)
Ingredient-Walnut Walnut 15 Nut Dispenser
Nut Shelf
Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Wasabi Root Wasabi Root Wasabi Garden Consumable-Cash 4
30px Washington Apple Washington Apple Tree (100 Gold)
Ingredient-Water Water 15 Water Pump
Water Cooler
Water Crate (250 Gold)
Apple Wagon Trader
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Watercress 15 Watercress Stand
Ingredient-Watermelon Watermelon 15 Watermelon Stand
Watermelon Crate
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Wax Beans Tomato Bicycle Trader (5 Tomatoes)
Ingredient-Wheat Bread Wheat Bread 20 Wheat Bread Rack
Consumable-Cash 6
30px White Asparagus 15 White Asparagus Stall
White Asparagus Crate (250 Gold)
30px White Cheddar 15 Post Consumable-Cash 6
30px White Chocolate White Chocolate Crate (200 Gold)
Ingredient-White Grape White Grape 15 White Grape Planter
30px White Mushroom 15 White Mushroom Stand
30px White Rice 15
Ingredient-White Truffle White Truffle 90
Ingredient-Whiting Whiting Post
30px Whole Crayfish 15 Cajun Ingredient Chest Consumable-Cash 5
30px Whole Dungeoness Crab
30px Whole Grouper 15 Cajun Ingredient Chest Consumable-Cash 5
30px Whole Perch 15 Cajun Ingredient Chest Consumable-Cash 5
30px Whole Pork Loin 15 Cajun Ingredient Chest Consumable-Cash 5
30px Whole Prawns 15
30px Whole Squid 15
30px Whole Talapia 15
30px Whole Wheat Flour 15 Whole Wheat Flour Crate (250 Gold)
Ingredient-Wild Mushroom Wild Mushroom 15 Wild Button Mushroom (30 Hearts)
1,129 Consumable-Cash 6
Ingredient-Wild Onion Wild Onion 15 Wild Onion (30 Hearts)
Consumable-Cash 4
30px Wild Rice 30 Trade
30px Wild Strawberry 15 Wild Strawberry Bouquet
Wild Strawberry Crate
Consumable-Cash 6
30px Wild Turkey Wagon Trader
30px Witchy Cookie Post
Ingredient-Yellow Bell Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper 9 Yellow Bell Pepper Planter Consumable-Cash 2
30px Yellow Squash 15
30px Yellow Sweet Onion Yellow Sweet Onion Stall Consumable-Cash 7
Ingredient-Yellow Tomato Yellow Tomato 15 Yellow Tomato Crop (25 Gold)
Yellow Tomato Mystery Crate (20 Cash)
Ingredient-Zesty Zucchini Zesty Zucchini 15 Zesty Zucchini Crop (50 Gold)
Ingredient-Zucchini Zucchini 20 Zucchini Wheelbarrow
Tomato Bicycle Trader
Consumable-Cash 3