Pay a Culinary Visit! is a goal given by Bello Panini, after completing the goal, Inspired Italian!.


-Pay a Culinary Visit!

Pay a Culinary Visit!-Chat Bubble

Pay a Culinary Visit!-Goal

Pay a Culinary Visit!-Rewards


Your Rewards


For this goal, the objective is to visit neighboring restaurants such as Madeline's Restaurant. With 5 energies at your disposal, you have 5 opportunities to collect ingredients that can be used for cooking dishes at your own restaurant.

First time visitors get a First Visit Reward: 3 Energies, 2 Hearts, and 5 Coins.

First Visit Reward

Visitors get rewards for completing their visit by using all 5 energies.

You Got Salt!

Pay a Culinary Visit! is the last goal to be given to a Chef in a linear fashion. Upon completing the previous goal, 3 new goals appear quietly to the left: a new goal from Madeline, a new goal from Ginger, and a new goal, Pay a Culinary Visit!, from Bello, which begins as soon as the rewards window for the goal, Inspired Italian!, closes.

Pay a Culinary Visit! Example 1

When the Goal Panel is open, rays radiate from the indicate which goal is being viewed..

Pay a Culinary Visit! Goal is selected

From here on, the chef becomes the master of his own destiny and may choose to explore the goals in any order.

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