The perfect date spot, especially for a mermaid.

The Romance Pond is an expansion in ChefVille. It is located at Tile H-5 on the Game Board.


Unlocking the Romance Pond requires the player to have Mastery 36 Mastery Stars, pay Icon-Recommendation 32 Recommendations, and spend Coin 5,000 coins. Players must expand to either the Greens Market or the Hot Spot to gain access to the Romance Pond.


The Romance Pond contains two harvestables and two decorations:

Harvestable-Pond wrapped Harvestable-Water Pump Decoration-Green Grass
wrapped with a bow
Water Pump,
ready to use
2 x Green Grass

Adjacent AreasEdit

NW:Hot Spot
NE:Apple Orchard
SE:The Homestead
SW:Greens Market