Wheat Bread
Ingredient-Wheat Bread
Image © Zynga
Location:Bread Rack
Inventory Capacity:20

Wheat Bread is one of the first ingredients players are introduced to in Chefville. It can be obtained by harvesting the Bread Rack, which is unlocked along with the Mom n' Pop Shop area. You can't send bread individual requests to your neighbours, instead, you can ask for bread in your wall (when you haven't got enough bread to finish a dish, the option will be available for you) and everyone who helps you will receive another bread in return. You can receive up to 5 breads with each post. After asking for bread, you have to wait a few hours before sending another request. In the same way, if you help a neighbour sending them bread, you will receive one unit, as long you are one of the first 5 people helping. Bread is one of the few ingredients that can be obtained this way, along with Garlic and Milk.



These are the crafted ingredients that require wheat bread to craft.


These are the recipes that require wheat bread to cook.

Neighbor DishesEdit

These are the dishes players can eat while visiting a neighbor's restaurant that may yield a wheat bread.